The Adsit Strong Story

On December 3, 2014, Officer John Adsit’s life, as he knew it, would be forever changed. While assisting other officers in escorting East High School students during a protest, John was struck and run over by an out-of-control vehicle. The vehicle, (which was being driven by a man having a seizure) hit and then dragged John for almost half a block.

John’s accident was initially considered a fatality, but the critically-injured, ten-year veteran of Denver Police Department fought the most valiant fight of his life. John sustained life-threatening injuries and was immediately transported by Denver paramedics to Denver Health Medical Center, where he would begin the fight for his life. John had injuries to his entire body, which included a laceration to his head, major damage to his eyes, removal of his spleen, torn tendons in both of his shoulders, crushed left humerus, ulna and radius, broken scapula’s, crushed ribs (requiring a metal cage to repair), broken right femur, broken pelvis, severed left femoral artery, punctured lung, internal bleeding and skin loss.

John spent almost one month in surgical ICU at Denver Health, and another two months in an acute care facility. John underwent 12 surgeries in his first three months and fought through major setbacks of pneumonia, fever, infections, an aneurism and blood clots.

On February 18, 2015, John was able to walk out of the hospital by the grace of God. Since leaving the hospital, John has undergone 5 more surgeries. Today John’s strength and determination persevere as he continues his challenging rehabilitation process, trusting God for continued healing. John is expected to have at least four more surgeries when his body is able. John’s recovery has been nothing short of miraculous, and there is no doubt God has a purpose for his life!

On May 2, 2015, Foundry Church in Castle Pines, CO hosted the Rise and Run 5K to honor John Adsit. The event was an overwhelming success with nearly 1,000 runners participating.

John and his family were so overwhelmed by the support of his church and the community during this incredibly difficult time. Although John realizes that he could never repay them for the amazing support he received, he wants to do whatever is possible in paying it forward.

John created Adsit Strong — a nonprofit charity, to benefit other first responders who have been gravely injured.

To date, John has had 29 surgeries with several more upcoming–as his body heals. He is passionate about helping out first-responders who have gone through similar experiences.